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Thousands of children and their families representing over forty schools and Talmud Torahs from all over South Florida, in addition to the many visitors from all over the world, attended the 12th Annual Family Adventure Day at Jungle Island. The event was sponsored by Tzivos Hashem of South Florida and Anshei Lubavitch, which is headed by Rabbi Dovid Shapiro and Rabbi Yitzchok Teitelbaum.

The highlight of the day was a live concert by the famous children’s singer, Uncle Moishy and the Tekiah Orchestra. Throngs of children were enthralled by the performance, singing and dancing to songs about Shabbos, Kashrus, and Mezuzahs. Added to the day’s excitement were a spectacular circus performance, many amusement rides and several shows featuring exotic jungle creatures. The scenic trails and flamingo lake provided a perfect location for a day packed with fun and adventure. The thousands of Jewish people from all walks of life who came to Family Adventure Day experienced an unforgettable, memorable day for the whole family.